Snapdragon at PLMR Bulletin – The Land banking Budget

Quote of the Day:

“The Treasury has enough trouble with forecasts even when they are trying to get them right.” 
Nigel Lawson MP (former Chancellor of the Exchequer)


As this is a very long bulletin I have done a summary – all in all, a good budget for housebuilding and development although with some major caveats looking at land banking, capturing land value uplift through reformed CIL, and the actual application of funds. However, good intentions and moving in the right direction.

As to the rest of it, well it’s all about politics and not being seen as the Nasty Party.

The Long Version

Well, we are truly living in a 90s revival – not just the re-emergence of badly fitting jeans and curtains hairstyles on the youth of today – but Ministers resigning all over the place, sleaze and scandal back in the headlines and Boris Johnson still in post, despite his very best efforts. We have at least, achieved the unthinkable – we make the Trump administration look relatively sane.

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