Our Services

Local Authorities expect developers to consult in a meaningful way with communities, before, during and after the submission and determination of planning applications. Best practice consultation and engagement are therefore crucial to the success of your projects.

PLMR offers practical guidance and delivers the straight forward communications strategies that you need, successfully engaging with local communities, stakeholders and decision-makers.

We put together consultation programmes tailored to meet the requirements of a specific client and site. We don’t offer ‘one-size-fits-all’ packages, because no two sites are the same and neither are the communities within which they lie.

As an integrated communications agency, we can deliver a host of activities surrounding your application, throughout the planning process, whether you are looking at a site or you are two weeks away from a decision:

Due Diligence Reports

Researching your site and its surrounds, and providing you with a report on any political risks ahead of you purchasing a site.

Local Plan Designation

Securing designation for sites put forward by land owners and clients for inclusion in Local Plans and other wider, more strategic development.

Stakeholder Mapping

Identifying who you need to speak to within the community and what the best approach is to take, securing early buy-in from key groups.

Political Engagement

Working with politicians, locally and nationally, to communicate the key benefits of your project to the local authority officers, councillors, and their constituents.

Public Consultation

Presenting your plans and aspirations to local people through the most effective means:

  • One-to-one meetings with key stakeholders
  • Public exhibitions
  • Councillor presentations
  • Community surveys

Digital Engagement

Creating an online presence in an online world. Both digital and social media give the first impressions of your business and project. We can:

  • Create and maintain project websites
  • Generate social media campaigns
  • Film videos to convey your message in an impactful way

Media Relations

Crafting key messages and securing business-changing coverage in print, online and on broadcast media. Ways in which we could provide support include:

  • First point of call for media enquiries, providing you with a dedicated press office for projects
  • Production of proactive press releases and reaction to stories where necessary
  • Delivery of positive stories, increasing project and client profile

Statement of Community Involvement

A crucial part of any planning application submission, demonstrating the consultation undertaken with local people.

Support Gathering

We know that an outspoken minority can often sway councillors. We can tap into the silent majority and help you demonstrate the support for your plans. Our team on the ground can find supportive members of the community in strategically timed campaigns.

Countdown to Committee

The most important hurdle to navigate, we can lead you to success at decision committee, and help you with:

  • Briefings for local councillors and committee members
  • Demonstrating support and minimising objections
  • Providing in depth knowledge of member interests and tailoring messages to suit
  • Production and delivery of committee speeches
  • Rehearsals for the client team and assistance at the decision itself

Post-Consent Work

Maintaining good relationships with stakeholders is crucial, even after a decision has been made. This can make the construction phase of your project and any future work within the local authority much easier. We can undertake your community liaison throughout this process and continue those established connections built with local people.